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Funny People....and Cancer

I watched the movie "Funny People" last week during the epic Northern Virginia/Washington DC snowstorm. We had LOTS of time on our hands. Of course, I should have finished up all of those lingering projects, but I didn't. Mainly just watched movies and enjoyed the family.

Funny People was, well, kinda funny, but I was blindsided by Adam Sandler's charater who was diagnosed with cancer. Specifically, Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Two things "got me" about the portrayal of his cancer:

8% chance of surviving on experiment drugs...and it worked.
Sandler's character talked to his doctor about test results in one of the early scenes, and I believe he said AML, stage 4. Definitely said he had an 8% chance of survival but only if he tried this experimental drug regimen (I'm thinking this is a clinical trial).
At this point, he starts getting his affairs in order, take a mentor under his wings (Seth Rogen), and starts taking the experimen…

Snow, snow, and more snow and no thyroid cancer testing...yet

Folks, I can't even tell you the amount of snow that we have here in Northern Virginia...BEFORE the blizzard that hit last night. Picture to the left was before the the latest round of winter weather hit. Now, probably eight inches more have fallen since 5:30 PM lastnight plus a 40 mph wind. And it's still snowing.

Crazy is all I can say. I'm grateful that we have power as many in the DC Metro do not...thousands, in fact.

As a result, my thyroid cancer testing has been rescheduled for the last week of February. I'm fine with that. All of us here need to focus on staying warm and safe.