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Gone but not forgotten

In the excitement of learning my thyroglobulin level post-surgery was undectectable earlier this month, my cancerversary passed without fanfare or observance. July 15, 2008, is the date I was first told that I had papillary carcinoma, one of the four types of thyroid cancer.

Since that day in 2008, I have:
Had three surgeriesTwo scars on my neckHad two recurrencesHad one radioactive iodine treatmentLost most of my ability to sleep like a normal personYet realized that I want to sleep more than any human probably shouldLearned more about myself than I ever thought I couldFigured out that I am strongFound out you can't rely on doctors to take care of you. Only you can take care of you.Learned alot about the people around me, both good and badHave seen my anxiety level increase to new heightsHave isolated myself more than I should because most days it feels like no one gets itHave trusted others in general less than I did before my diagnosis (which wasn't much to start with)Have …


This is the word in the letter I received from the endocrinologist that was unbelievable to me: UNDETECTABLE.

"Your thyroglobulin is now undetectable at less than 0.5, indicating that Dr. Sanders performed an excellent surgery in removing the involved lymph nodes and we have reason to be somewhat more optimistic at this time."

Out of frustration more with the situation of having thyroid cancer for the third time in four years than with my current endocrinologist, I sought out a second opinion on what to do next following surgery. I wanted someone to confirm what my current endocrinologist's plan was for moving forward.

As a result, I met with Dr. Leonard Wartofsky at the Washington (DC) Hospital Center in June. Google him, and you will find that he is an endocrinologist specializing in thyroid cancer and that he has published many papers on thyroid cancer and radioactive iodine treatment. In fact, he only sees thyroid cancer patients. This is what I had been looking for…