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Christmas Card Crisis

This year, I bowed out of the photo for our Christmas card. Refused might be more accurate, but I won’t use that harsh of a tone. Others, such as Chris, might.

In November, before Thanksgiving, the scheduling fairies made it possible for the kids to have exactly one hour available one afternoon that all three could be present…as long as some driver could get Morgan to the orthodontist by 4:30.

Off they went…to the park and to the red caboose in our town. Lots of great shots to choose from, and after narrowing it down to our favorite five, in the end, Chris chose one that I had not previously considered, and I loved it. We all did…I think.

Yes, we heard from the masses that Chewie was conspicuously left out of the photo. It will not happen again. But I digress....

So the cards arrived, and I break out the list of folks we will mail to this year. Chris notes that the price was so good for 100, he went ahead and ordered that number. “Wow, OK, but we normally only send to about 60,” I said. “…

Tomorrow: Another Visit to Dr.Pun

OK, no jokes about me actually writing two blog posts in the space of three weeks. :)

Tomorrow, I make the trip back to see Dr. Pun, my favorite endocrinologist. Those of you who have had a cancer diagnosis and are a head case such as myself know what that means for today: the "what ifs" start.

Although, I pretty much had the "what ifs" confirmed at my last appointment in October: Dr. Pun said that he is pretty sure "something" (i.e. thyroid cancer again) is going on there based on the bloodwork, and we just get to wait until something shows up on a scan of some form so we know what we are dealing with. Strangely, I was OK with that as I know that as long as I am one of "those patients" in his practice that he keeps an eye on (and there is that whole trust factor too...), I am fine. Well, as fine as I can be, knowing what a worry wart I am (thanks, Mema, for passing the torch to me in the worry department!).

How much does it stink to know something…

Three months

Yes, it has been almost three months since my last post. This fall, I've been somewhere inbetween busy, hiding and being overwhelmed by life in general.

I have been hiding from cancer and talking about anything too real. Hmmm...these two things can be intertwined or separated, you take your pick. Either way, it is not healthy for me. I'm working on it....

Overwhelmed by Ferris Bueller says, and I have quoted before on this blog, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't watch out, you could miss it." I've been in the "pretty fast" part of it lately, watching Mackenzie and Christian's senior year fly by. Kinda sad for me, but I'm enjoying it too, and I'm excited for them.

Mackenzie has been accepted to all three schools she has applied to and offered significant scholarships to two of them. All of them are out of state...she is ready to go, and I'm so proud she is confident enough in herself to go. I'm just proud of her perio…