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Three great non-cancer things!

Mackenzie, this is for you...three great non-cancer things for the week of March 22. We'll go by birth order:
After working hard during her campaign, Mackenzie was elected to the JMHS Student Government Executive Board for her senior year.Christian enrolled in JMHS as of Tuesday. He arrived back in Virginia just in time to submit his application for a great photography program for his senior year. We are so glad he is back living with us!Morgan was named one of the two captains on her soccer team for the spring season.Through successes and failures, we are truly blessed with great kids.

It's all I've got

I received my PET scan results earlier this week. I sat on the results a few days as I needed to digest what it really meant for me, not just what the doctor says.

There are no new growth and no changes to the questionable areas seen on the left side of my neck. It hasn't "gone away" on the left side, something strange seems to be there on that left side, but it hasn't changed. In thyroid cancer talk, that's good.

What could have happened? Strange left area could have grown and/or new suspicious areas were found. This didn't happen so that's really great news. Is it? Well, it's all I've got for now. I'll take it.

Some of you know that I can be, um, "wound pretty tight" at times. Sometimes I think this unresolved thyroid cancer business is my personal challenge from God to learn patience...and understanding...and patience. And to leave more things to Him, not to worry. This not worrying business is not easy for me.

Next steps: ultrasound…

Getting the rug pulled out from under me

On Monday, day two of my non-leap year birthday, I posted the following on my facebook page:

Day 2 of my "un"/"fake" birthday and so many more b-day wishes...thanks everyone! And the great news of the day: I got the results today of my thyroid cancer scan, and it was clear! Lovin' the cancer survivor thing much better than the cancer patient gig. :)

I received lots of supportive comments and "likes" on this Facebook status. Man, I liked this status!

Apparently I "jumped the gun" a bit in the good news about my test results. The whole body scan was, in fact, clear. However, my blood work is elevated/abnormal/stinks.

I spoke with Dr. Pun on the phone mid-week regarding this strange thing: that the whole body scan is clear yet the blood work, thyroglobulin, has been and continues to be elevated. I found a medical journal article online that says the blood test is the more reliable of the two, and that it is possible that these two tests could have …