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Kenzie is Participating in Relay 4 Life

You normally don't get solicitations for money when you read my blog. However, Kenzie is participating in Relay 4 Life in honor of my thyroid cancer battle. I've added a link to her Relay page below. Would you consider donating to help her reach her goal?


And the results are in....

A short and sweet report: My thyroglobulin level went down as we needed it to. And I mean big time, down to the normal very happy!

For the first time since all of this thyroid cancer business started last summer, this all-important blood test was normal, not elevated.

Many, many, many thanks to all for your prayers and support! Feels like a new day, a new chapter, all of those "new" metaphors you can think of.

I am grateful.

The Waiting Game

I had my blood drawn yesterday at Dr. Pun's office to check my thyroglobulin level. Getting pretty friendly with all phlebotomists at this point. Don't all cancer patients? I mean, our blood is drawn constantly...not to mention the poking and prodding. And shouldn't you be nice to the phlebotomists? They have the needles.

I digress...won't know any results until "early next week." Last time, it was either Monday afternoon or Tuesday, I don't remember. Regardless, the waiting for results kills me every time I have to do this. Luckily, there's a bunch going on this weekend to keep me busy and not thinking about it.
Remember from my last post, we need the level to go down more toward 0.5 instead of staying in the abnormal range of where it is currently. I mean we REALLY need that to happen.

Blogging is therapeutic...hey, I knew that!

Hey I found an article on the CancerCompass Weekly Newsletter that validates what I already knew...blogging is therapeutic to cancer patients/survivors. It certainly is for me!

My blog has really evolved since I started it back in August 2008. It began as a way for me to keep my family and friends updated on my cancer treatment progress in lieu of sending out mass emails. It also became a way for me to vent my frustrations, fears, and victories while still communicating that treatment/update information.
Then something great and unexpected happened along the way...other thyroid cancer patients (and frankly many kinds of cancer patients) found my blog. It has been great to connect with others who are having similar experiences and feelings. From radioactive iodine treatments to issues with endocrinologists, we have been able to connect on a variety of levels.
And sometimes my blog is about fun stuff, which works too. Even though cancer has become a slice of my life pie, there are lots of …

Creeping in again....

I'm really, really trying to not have worry and anxiety about my thyroid cancer, but sometimes it just creeps back in.

On Thursday, I have another set of blood work to be done. My endocrinologist is drawing another thyroglobulin level in follow up to my follow-up tests in April post-second cancer surgery.
A very loose definition of thyroglobulin levels for thyroid cancer patients: if it is higher than 0.5, there is a possibility that there could be more cancer to deal with, especially if you had positive lymph nodes, which I did. However, one reading above 0.5 is not enough to indicate recurrence. It is more of a trend to watch. If there is a consistent 2-3 (or obviously more) levels that are above 0.5, then there is probably a need for an ultrasound.
Last fall, I had three thyroglobulin levels in a row post-first surgery above 10. Ultrasound found more suspicious nodules. FNA confirmed it. Yet another surgery on my neck in January 2009 to remove more cancer.
My level in April was 3.…

Mimi's Mother's Day

Mother's Day is tomorrow, and I still often don't think of me as the mother on this day, just really think about my Mom (or as my girls call her now: Mimi).

Growing up, my mom was the cool mom, and my house was the place to be. My mom would feed you, teach you how to drive, play cards with you, and support you. And she did all of this for me as well...first and foremost.

I often thought it was a shame that I was her only child as she had so much love for all kids. High school friends often told me how lucky I was to have a mom like her. My extended family thought the one point, she would have been a guardian for most (maybe all) of my cousins if anything had happened to my aunts and uncles!

Somewhere along the way, I realized that she was the one mom for me and me only. There's a poem that I can't find or remember that talks about the different stages of your opinion about your mom. Something about:

When you are in elementary school, she hung the moon.
As a teenag…