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Cautious vs. Paranoid

For about two weeks, I felt a strange nodule in my left underarm. How long had it been there? Was I just now noticing it or is it new? "Its nothing," I reasoned with myself.

Then....reading stories/studies on the internet about a link between thyroid cancer and breast cancer started to creep in my thoughts as did my aunt who battled breast cancer twice.

"Could this be an extension of a possible breast cancer in my underarm lymph nodes? I did have lymph node involvement in my thyroid cancer." If for no other reason, I would get it checked out to get it off my mind.

I call and surprisingly Dr. T is available the next day. Actually, I think given my history, they made her available the next day. When she walks in the room, I start writing this whole thing off..."please just tell me it is nothing so I can get on with my day."

Dr. T: "I'm going to send you for an ultrasound. Let's get this checked out. We'll know by the end of the day if it is any…

I'm a slacker

So, where to start. I know, pretty weak with no blog posts since the summer. I will endeavor to do better.

I've been MIA doing so much...nothing. OK, nothing isn't exactly correct, but my life has changed considerably since Mackenzie left for college. She is 1,500 miles away, doing amazingly well as at college freshman at Oklahoma State University, my alma mater. She pledged a sorority (Kappa Alpha Theta. No it's not mine...another story), is involved on campus with the Freshman Representative Council and Orange Peel to name a few organizations she is a part of, and is keeping her grades up.

Me, I am figuring out how to parent from 1,500 miles away. Good news: she doesn't need much of it. Those of you who know Mackenzie realize she is one of the most responsible teenagers around. Bad news: I have a void in my life without seeing her daily and at least going through the motions of parenting. A Big Void.

Yes, Morgan has started high school and is busy with soccer and basket…