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Again, again!

It's Super Bowl Sunday, but, I will admit, I am a bit distracted. Tomorrow I start the ritual thyroid cancer survivors are familiar with: the thyrogen shots, the radioactive dose, the scan, the blood test. Why? To see if I am still thyroid cancer free. The schedule:

Monday: thyrogen shot
Tuesday: thyrogen shot
Wednesday: radioactive iodine dosing
Thursday: whole body scan
Friday: blood draw

It's been a bit of an anxiety-filled week getting ready for this. You spend the time thinking and telling others, "It's fine. I have done this before." No matter how many time you do this, it is still nerve wracking and makes you crazy.

30-35% of those with papillary carcinoma, the most comment form of thyroid cancer/my diagnosis, have at least once recurrence. I had a recurrence in 2009. Some with thyroid cancer have several recurrences.

Interesting a scan and a blood test, right? In 2010, I got the call from my endo's office that the scans were all clear. Hooray! Three days late…