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Recurrence on the Metro

This morning while riding on the Orange Line of the Metro, I found myself thinking about my upcoming visit to the endocrinologist next week and subsequent ultrasound of my neck. Then I started jumping to conclusions.

Dr. Pun said at my upcoming October visit, he would give me an order to get an ultrasound of my neck/thyroid area. The last one I had was in April as part of the batter of tests/scans following my January 2009 surgery to remove more cancerous lymph nodes. All of my other ultrasound prior to the April one were performed by the same physician. However, the one in April was not for some reason, even after specifying I wanted to schedule this “regular” radiologist.

My conclusion as I dwelled on this: what if he missed something. He wasn’t familiar with my case. The other radiologist was.

So I should prepare myself for the worst with this ultrasound I will schedule in October. If there is something “suspicious” on ultrasound, I will have another fine needle aspiration (FNA) bi… With Humor and Openness

Hey, I was asked to write an article for!

Here's a link to the article>

Dirty Dancing with Charlie's Angels

While at the beach vacationing in North Carolina this summer, we heard the incredible news that Michael Jackson had died. It was shocking....and then this smaller, side story came to light the same day: Farrah Fawcett had died of anal cancer. To me, this was a big story as well, but we didn't hear as much about Farrah that day.

As a child in the 70s (yes, I'm actually that old), I remember my friends and I playing Charlie's Angels. Even after she was off of the show, I was mesmerized by her. I mean, after all, she married the Six Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors! And then later Ryan O'Neal, but that's a different story....
Even though she had a Lifetime movie here and there, her star was never brighter than in the 70s . However, when I heard she was battling cancer, that caught my attention. It was shortly before I found out that I had thyroid cancer when I became aware of her diagnosis and was surprised. I'm not sure why, but I was just surprised.
And then I watch…

Bring on Fall

Fall is my favorite season with the cooler weather, leaves turning, school starting, college football (hey, my OSU Cowboys beat Georgia to open the season Saturday 24-10!), soccer games on the weekend. I love it...ready to get it started, which I feel like it officially does no matter what the calendar says, on the day school starts. For us, that's tomorrow. Not sure the kids are ready, but I am!

The girls and I had a nice day on Friday afternoon thanks to my generous employer letting everyone off at 1 PM on Friday before Labor Day. We went to buy school supplies and along the way bought a few pair of shoes as well. That night, we attended the Madison football game. Three games of soccer (2 Saturday, 1 Sunday) with dinner on Saturday evening with good friends, and it was a great weekend.

But tomorrow, back to "business" for our family. One is off to her first day of middle school, the other her 3rd year of high school. The calendar is filled out with various activities inc…