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Dr. W calls again....and again

So Dr. W finally got back with me about the letter I sent him in September. He called last Friday, and I missed his call.  He left a message that said he would call back AND HE DID. I mean, wow. Not very often a doctor will try to call a second time. He had a good excuse for his delay in contacting me as he had been out of the country, and I can understand that.

Remember, right after third surgery my thyroglobulin (TG) was 0.5. My concern was in August, it was 1.3. Was an increase, even if under 2.0, bad in terms of changing his mind on radioactive treatment or anything else? He basically said not to worry about the increase in TG because it was still under the magic number of 2.0. There were a number of factors that could have affected it to change just that little bit.

What's next? Dr. W said to go see him in January 2013 for an exam and the order for the next blood draw to check out my TG again and ultrasound. Basically, I will enjoy the holidays and deal with this again next …