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My Second Cancerversary

First, what is a cancerversary? Some say it is the day you were diagnosed. Some say it is the day you get the "all clear" from cancer. I subscribe to the "day you were diagnosed" theory to mark my cancerversary, especially since I'm still not "all clear"...but that's another story.

Note I didn't say "celebrate" my cancerversary. Of course, I don't want to celebrate having cancer. However, thyroid cancer changed my life so I have to take note of it.

It was good to read my blog post marking my one-year cancerversary in 2009, reminding me of the journey. I am also feeling guilty for feeling different, a bit darker, even jaded, about it all.

I'm a survivor now, right? Well, not really. Remember, I'm one "those patients" in my endocrinologist's practice that he's got to keep a close eye on.

Even if it comes back again, I've had the surgery (times two). I've had the treatment. I can do it again, right? Yes…