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Here It Comes Again....

Chris posted photos from our June North Carolina trip this week on our flickr page, and it takes me back to that incredibly relaxing time. We took the three kids plus Chewie plus Spencer (friend of the kids that quickly became a part of our family), rented a house in North Carolina and proceeding to generally do.....nothing.

For those of you who know our crazy lives and the lifestyle in the Washington DC area, "doing nothing" is truly a gift. We are often running from soccer practice to performances, etc. Add to that mix the past year doctors appointments, ultrasounds, scans, and it gets a bit overwhelming at times.
It was a great time at the beach...wouldn't trade it for the world. Wonder why we have never done it before, wondering when we will fit it in next summer, the summer before Christian and Mackenzie's senior year. But I will do everything in my power to get it done.
I am being sentimental about the beach trip's coming. No, I'm not talkin…

The "wow it's August" update

Wow, is it August already? It's been a while since I've blogged. Kinda strange as I remember having ideas for blog posts, but I guess just didn't follow through.

Since I've blogged last...let's see....

Morgan came home from Oklahoma
Chris and I had our 5th anniversary (see tree gift from Chris!)
Morgan tried out for the Virginia Olympic Development Program (soccer). No news yet if she made the cut.
Chris and Christian spent a long weekend at the beach with Uncle Nick and Jay
Morgan left again...this time for church children's camp (last time)/Youth Up retreat (first time)
Chris and Christian found a used truck for Christian and bought it
I got sick Tuesday night gradually got worse. Finally went to the doctor on Friday. I have bronchitis and was dehydrated.
Kenzie left for West Virginia/Youth Up Retreat
Chris and Christian left at 4 AM today to drive the truck back to Indiana for Christian.
I am on day 5 of bronchitis. Literally in bed all day, trying to g…