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My rants while somewhere in between

It's been over three weeks since my surgery. I'm somewhere between post-surgery and back on my feet. Better than the alternative, I know. Still feeling pretty crappy in general.

I've had some strange swelling above my incision for about a week. Let's backtrack...first week post-surgery, definite swelling. It went away week two and reappeared week three. And I understand the shooting pains in my neck and that they are good. That means the nerves are regenerating, coming back with a vengance. However, I have this strange achy feeling from my ear to my jaw where the swelling is.

My endocrinologist noticed it on Monday, said I could ask my surgeon about it. I called the surgeon's office, and they worked me in to see him. He said it is not uncommon to see fluid collection when removing lymph nodes, to ice it as needed and use ibuprofen as needed. If it does not go away by July 1, I should go back to see him about possibly draining this or treating it with steroids.