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What's going on?

Hi all. I'm trying to get in the habit of writing on my own blog. I was on a good roll of blog writing for the CureSearch blog before I left on my leave for thyroid cancer surgery. Feel free to remind me from time to time (hey Charlcie, when are you going to write again?) if you'd like.

Since the 19th, the last time I wrote on the blog, hmmmm.....Mom and Gary left after being here for three weeks (well, Mom for 3 weeks, Gary for 10 days) following my surgery. That was a big change for all of us. She was the nurse, cook, cleaner, laundry doer. Besides that, she's my mom, and I miss her a bunch. She was and continues to be one of my biggest cheerleaders in this cancer stuff.

Other happenings....

Morgan had her first soccer tournament with the Vienna Storm, her new team. Although I think she did well for this being the first time she plays with a new travel team EVER (been with her other team almost 3 years), she was critical of herself. Actually, she is hard on herself when it comes to soccer, but she truly loves it. It's one of my favorite things to do these days is watch her play soccer.

Both Kenzie and Morgan are getting ready for school, which starts Tuesday, Sept. 2nd around here. Kenzie is part of Student Government Association (SGA) at her high school and has been busy helping with the school's Fall Kick Off event and school tours as well as JV cheerleading (she's a co-captain).

Earlier this week, Morgan's wrist continued to hurt because of a fall she took in soccer practice before the tournament. We had it x-rayed on Tuesday...glad it is a sprain and not a break. From soccer in the last 18 months, she has had a broken toe, jammed fingers, and now a sprained wrist (not to mention several collisions with goalies).

We went to Morgan's elementary school's open house yesterday. She's thrilled with her new teacher. I can't believe this is her last year of elementary school!

Chris continues to keep things moving around here...taking "people" to/from soccer practice, unofficial driving instructor for Kenzie, taming the furry beast known as Chewie, and trying (emphasis on trying) to keep me on track with my recovery. I'm not a good patient.

And then me....well, I met with my endocrinologist, Dr. Crantz, on Monday to talk about the radioactive iodine treatment I need to do for my throid cancer. He and I had a rocky start three weeks ago, and it wasn't better with this visit. I don't like his style or personality. He's gruff and doesn't want to listen. My first thought was "I want a second opinion." However, do I really? As Chris points out, there's no doubt I need the radioactive iodine treatment. I just want someone who listens to me and understands I can't be given just information he feels is important. So...the treatment is now scheduled for the week of Sept. 8 (blood work on Sept. 8, scan on Sept. 10, actual treatment dose on Sept. 12). I hope our doctor/patient relationship improves. Otherwise, something has got to give.


  1. Hi Charlcie,
    thanks for the updates! All the best during your continuing recovery, I hope I can keep the CureSearch blog half as interesting as it is when you write it!
    Best regards, your biggest fan,

  2. C - I compete with Curt on that biggest fan role. Hang in there. Tricia


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