Monday, March 23, 2009

Something other than cancer?

Eldest daughter asked this weekend if I could blog about something other than cancer. Why, yes, I can....happy to do so!

You may remember that I received roller skates for my birthday last month. Here's a few photos from our time on the bike trail this weekeknd below:

Smirk on both of our faces as she leaves me in the dust!

I don't care if Chris takes my photo or not, just am about to fall (but actually didn't...)!


  1. Love skates. I love that you have SKATES and not BLADES. You're really embracing your lack of coolness with those :) I should get skates...

  2. Time for ice skates Charlcie. We have an opening on our team for summer.

  3. I am SOOOOO friggin' jealous that you have skates. I am constantly looking at them on Ebay. Roller skating was my pre-teen LIFE.

    I will have skates. I will