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Blogging is therapeutic...hey, I knew that!

Hey I found an article on the CancerCompass Weekly Newsletter that validates what I already knew...blogging is therapeutic to cancer patients/survivors. It certainly is for me!

My blog has really evolved since I started it back in August 2008. It began as a way for me to keep my family and friends updated on my cancer treatment progress in lieu of sending out mass emails. It also became a way for me to vent my frustrations, fears, and victories while still communicating that treatment/update information.

Then something great and unexpected happened along the way...other thyroid cancer patients (and frankly many kinds of cancer patients) found my blog. It has been great to connect with others who are having similar experiences and feelings. From radioactive iodine treatments to issues with endocrinologists, we have been able to connect on a variety of levels.

And sometimes my blog is about fun stuff, which works too. Even though cancer has become a slice of my life pie, there are lots of other pieces I am a part of from cancer to soccer to Britney Spears, you can find it all on my blog!


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