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Bring on Fall

Fall is my favorite season with the cooler weather, leaves turning, school starting, college football (hey, my OSU Cowboys beat Georgia to open the season Saturday 24-10!), soccer games on the weekend. I love it...ready to get it started, which I feel like it officially does no matter what the calendar says, on the day school starts. For us, that's tomorrow. Not sure the kids are ready, but I am!

The girls and I had a nice day on Friday afternoon thanks to my generous employer letting everyone off at 1 PM on Friday before Labor Day. We went to buy school supplies and along the way bought a few pair of shoes as well. That night, we attended the Madison football game. Three games of soccer (2 Saturday, 1 Sunday) with dinner on Saturday evening with good friends, and it was a great weekend.

But tomorrow, back to "business" for our family. One is off to her first day of middle school, the other her 3rd year of high school. The calendar is filled out with various activities including school holidays, cheer and dance practice, soccer practice, football and soccer games. The weather looks like it will be somewhat cooler this week. I'm looking at my turtlenecks and boots longingly...ah, it's fall!


  1. Fall is my favorite too! I love the layers, scarves, sweaters, cool breezes, crunchy leaves - and I'm really looking forward to the fabulous new pair of boots I ordered. They should be here any day now.


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