Saturday, October 31, 2009

I don't like Halloween, but I'm still cancer free!

Wow, you know it's been a while since I have blogged when my kids' friends start asking when I'm going to add a blog post. I love that! OK, you've inspired me to write, Ryan and David....

So....I don't like Halloween. I don't like to be scared, don't like haunted houses, don't like horror films, don't like blood dripping from stuff or zombies or any of that stuff. When the girls were little, they dressed up as cute things like lions or cowgirls or princesses, not zombies or witches or anything like that. And really, the massive amounts of can only eat so much before vomiting occurs.

That brings us to today, which I am tolerating...going to grin and bear it. The best thing about today is that at 8 PM, my Oklahoma State Cowboys are playing the Texas Longhorns in football on national TV. Hoping for a Cowboy victory in Stillwater today. At least there's that. :)

And now for the awkward segue into cancer....

I'm almost embarassed I didn't share this on Wednesday. OK, I'll say it...I am embarassed I haven't blogged about this before now, but the ultrasound I had been worried about for weeks was on Wednesday. I had been losing sleep over this, lacked focus overall, and had already started planning my next biopsy and surgery. I prepared myself for the worst as my gut really did tell me that there was more cancer to deal with.

There wasn't any cancer to be found. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. No cancer in my lymph nodes, thyroid bed, neck, salivary glands. Wow, that's amazing! The fog lifted, and I have felt relieved ever since! After several ultrasounds in a row with bad cancer news in the past 15 months, this is now two in a row with no cancer. The next cancer follow up: January/February 2010 when I have thyrogen shots, whole body scan, etc.

Thanks to all who knew I was struggling and prayed for me. I know it helps... :)


  1. Praise the goddesses! That's reason enough to have a Happy Halloween!

  2. Yippie! Hooray! It truly is a Happy Halloween. : )

  3. I believe we all go thru that every blood test, every scan etc. The shadow of cancer is always there.

  4. Praising the Lord for this good news! What a relief you must feel! I actually had the same recent experience and was declared in remission after five years of cancer stuff. So very happy for you.

  5. That is wonderful news. It just caps what has been the best October ever as far as I'm concerned. It's awesome what our Lord can and will do.

  6. Charlcie - I am really, really happy for you. Thanks for sharing such good news!