Friday, March 26, 2010

Three great non-cancer things!

Mackenzie, this is for you...three great non-cancer things for the week of March 22. We'll go by birth order:
  1. After working hard during her campaign, Mackenzie was elected to the JMHS Student Government Executive Board for her senior year.
  2. Christian enrolled in JMHS as of Tuesday. He arrived back in Virginia just in time to submit his application for a great photography program for his senior year. We are so glad he is back living with us!
  3. Morgan was named one of the two captains on her soccer team for the spring season.

Through successes and failures, we are truly blessed with great kids.


  1. Congrats! Love hearing good news from your end of the world.

  2. Not one great thing was ever accomplished by sitting in the stands. The really Great Things were accomplished by those who tried.

    Great kudos to all the kids for getting into 'the game', and for the parents for hauling them around and around and around.