Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rest in Peace Esther Earl

Today on Twitter, I ran across the story of a 16-year-old girl who had been fighting cancer who died this morning. Her name was Esther Earl.

I felt compelled to read her story. What a surprise to find that she died of thyroid cancer. My first thought was that it was probably anaplastic thyroid cancer, which is the most deadly and swift-moving form of thyroid cancer. Once again, I was surprised to find that she had the same type of thyroid cancer that I had: papillary carcinoma. Hers had spread to her lungs early. She tried experimental chemotherapy, to no avail.

I didn't know her...she seemed like a bright light in the world that has now gone to Heaven. Her story has lingered with me all day. May she rest in peace. And may we all hug our children and appreciate our own life.

Tribute to Esther Earl>

More about Esther Earl - Her CaringBridge page>


  1. My first guess, too, would have been a different kind of cancer. Ouch. This hits too close to home....

  2. Agreed, MommaMindy. Too close to home!

  3. Charlcie, pediatric thyroid cancer is much rarer and more serious than in adults. And the first chemo/radiation treatment Esther used DID give her another full year of life, so it didn't cure her, but it did help. I'm sure your prognosis is hopeful, and we hope the best with you. Esther would want her message to be one of hope, to know that life matters no matter how long it lasts. Take heart--live well!

    Lori (Esther's mom)

  4. Lori, thanks so much for visiting my blog and sharing more about Esther's life and journey with thyroid cancer. I am thankful that I learned about what an inspiration Esther was to so many. I am so sorry for your loss.