Thursday, January 24, 2013

Light at the end of the tunnel

It's been a long, hard road for me this third time around with thyroid cancer. My third diagnosis with papillary carcinoma, this time in my lymph nodes of my neck, came in March 2012. My third diagnosis of papillary carcinoma in four years.

I knew the drill, been through it before, but I was stunned that I had to do it all again. After my surgery, I pushed alot of people away, scared that this was it. That I would never be well again. That I was the 2% of people who die from papillary carcinoma.
Yesterday I completed follow up testing for my third round with thyroid cancer last year. My blood test needed to be under 2.0, and it was 0.5. Also, the radiologist who has done every ultrasound and needle biopsy on my thyroid/neck since 2008, said of yesterday's very thorough ultrasound: "Let's give you some good news for once. I see nothing. Nothing to watch or be concerned about."

THIS is terrific news. 

I may never have to fight this battle again. I might have to fight it again sooner rather than later. But today, right now, these results made me smile. 

I am grateful. I am blessed.

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  1. This was a great article! I was on a lower dose medication that worked well for years and then around when I turned 50, it was like the bottom dropped out. It took awhile to find a good doctor that knew how to treat it properly. I had a lot of BS problems until my thyroid was optimized.