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Here It Comes Again....

Chris posted photos from our June North Carolina trip this week on our flickr page, and it takes me back to that incredibly relaxing time. We took the three kids plus Chewie plus Spencer (friend of the kids that quickly became a part of our family), rented a house in North Carolina and proceeding to generally do.....nothing.

For those of you who know our crazy lives and the lifestyle in the Washington DC area, "doing nothing" is truly a gift. We are often running from soccer practice to performances, etc. Add to that mix the past year doctors appointments, ultrasounds, scans, and it gets a bit overwhelming at times.

It was a great time at the beach...wouldn't trade it for the world. Wonder why we have never done it before, wondering when we will fit it in next summer, the summer before Christian and Mackenzie's senior year. But I will do everything in my power to get it done.
I am being sentimental about the beach trip's coming. No, I'm not talking about a scary movie, which I can't stand (don't even bring up Silence of the Lambs to me...I'm not kidding!). I'm talking about the beginning of school. It starts here September 8th.

Oklahoma/midwest friends, you can give to me now....yes, I know your kids are already in school. The disadvantage to the late start? The late getting out part in June. But I digress...

School will start, and we will start out busy lives again. But there is much to be thankful for.

Cancer-wise, I'm doing well. No cause for worry on the horizon. I'm having a routine follow up ultrasound in October as well as doctor's visit. Still getting used to being a cancer survivor, still sometimes think back to "what was I doing a year ago?" And think, "Ah yes, getting my voice back, my stamina back, starting at that scar on my neck - still in shock about it all." Now? Really proud of that scar (you can see said scar in the photo above...look close!). Shows I did it...twice in the last year.

My lack 'o thyroid, well, that's a different story. I'm still often tired, taking naps whenever I can. I've gained weight since this time last year to the point my clothes are tight. Will not buy more...must lose weight. Battling to get my thyroid meds regulated but will keep working on this with my endocrinologist.

So starting a new school year soon...this time, thankful for the family time at the beach this summer and thankful for the lack 'o cancer.


  1. OH man, is that you up on the 4x4 beach? FUN! We really missed our week at the beach this year. Hopefully our lives will be such that we can swing it next year. If we don't, our children may never forgive us.

  2. You're right, our blogs are quite similar. I am eager to read yours.

    Today I'm dealing with the effects of hypocalcemia - I have to start reading about that apparently now... :-)

  3. Sometimeslisa,

    So glad we found each other, fellow thyroid cancer survivor! The hypocalcemia...I had that too. They would not let me out of the hospital until I could chew or swallow some calcium pills. The ironic part...I have loved milk and milk products my whole life! Didn't matter with this...

    Do you know about the side effects to watch for if you are having trouble with hypocalcemia? Please be aware of those and how you are feeling in regards to them. Self awareness is so important with the thyroid issues. :)

    The energy levels (or lack thereof) and emotional part snuck up on me. Its a challenging journey, but you can win!


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