Saturday, August 8, 2009

The "wow it's August" update

Wow, is it August already? It's been a while since I've blogged. Kinda strange as I remember having ideas for blog posts, but I guess just didn't follow through.

Since I've blogged last...let's see....

  • Morgan came home from Oklahoma

  • Chris and I had our 5th anniversary (see tree gift from Chris!)

  • Morgan tried out for the Virginia Olympic Development Program (soccer). No news yet if she made the cut.

  • Chris and Christian spent a long weekend at the beach with Uncle Nick and Jay

  • Morgan left again...this time for church children's camp (last time)/Youth Up retreat (first time)

  • Chris and Christian found a used truck for Christian and bought it

  • I got sick Tuesday night gradually got worse. Finally went to the doctor on Friday. I have bronchitis and was dehydrated.

  • Kenzie left for West Virginia/Youth Up Retreat

  • Chris and Christian left at 4 AM today to drive the truck back to Indiana for Christian.

  • I am on day 5 of bronchitis. Literally in bed all day, trying to get better. Yes, I'm blogging from bed.
Weird day for so empty and quiet, quite a phenomenon for those of us with teenagers. I feel about 10% better since seeing the doctor yesterday. Doctor says I should feel better by Monday or I should go back to see her. I'm skeptical at this point, but maybe the antibiotics will be kicking in soon.

So there's the update...and I hope to feel better soon.

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  1. A small correction: you were not alone. I have excellent intel which states that there was a large, ferocious licking machine there with you.