Friday, December 11, 2009

What is it about Christmas cards?

For some the holiday season begins when they put up the Christmas tree. For others, it might be the shopping the day after Thanksgiving. For me, it is when we receive our first Christmas card, which this year is today (thanks, Beneventis!).

Yes, we've been buying/shipping/receiving presents already, but something about the Christmas spirit and season for me starts with a Christmas card. Whoever sends me/us the card has chosen a card design that they like, added us to their list, and decided to use one of their increasingly valuable postage stamps to send the card. That means something in my book!

And something about getting the cards via "snail mail". Granted, I'll send an e-card from time to time, but I love getting the cards in the mail as how often do we really get letters or cards from anyone these days? If you are friends with someone on Facebook, you don't even have to remember someone's birthday AND can wish them a happy birthday online! Now, I'm not opposed to this and, frankly, some of you have received birthday greetings from me via this method. However, I'm just sayin', in this technology age, it is refreshing to receive a Christmas card in the mail.

The cards with photos...bonus! I love seeing how the kids have grown and friends seem older (you know, since I seem to be getting older too!). Cards that have the Christmas letters, those are great too. I find it surprising when every Christmas season I hear someone complaining about the Christmas card letter that many insert in their cards: "What makes you think we want to hear about your trip to Hawaii?". I want to hear about that trip to Hawaii, promotion, new grandbaby, move to (fill in the blank)!

So let me know if you need my address to send me a Christmas card....or if you want one from me, send me your snail mail address! :)


  1. I need your address to send you a card -- I haven't sent them yet but plan to this weekend ;-) I'm with you -- there is something so simple and yet thrilling about opening a Christmas card!

  2. I am still mailing them! You will get one, but it will probably be after Christmas. Enjoy the snow!