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Christmas Card Crisis

This year, I bowed out of the photo for our Christmas card. Refused might be more accurate, but I won’t use that harsh of a tone. Others, such as Chris, might.

In November, before Thanksgiving, the scheduling fairies made it possible for the kids to have exactly one hour available one afternoon that all three could be present…as long as some driver could get Morgan to the orthodontist by 4:30.

Off they went…to the park and to the red caboose in our town. Lots of great shots to choose from, and after narrowing it down to our favorite five, in the end, Chris chose one that I had not previously considered, and I loved it. We all did…I think.

Yes, we heard from the masses that Chewie was conspicuously left out of the photo. It will not happen again. But I digress....

So the cards arrived, and I break out the list of folks we will mail to this year. Chris notes that the price was so good for 100, he went ahead and ordered that number. “Wow, OK, but we normally only send to about 60,” I said. “So let me look at the list, and let’s expand it. We’ve got the extra card so we might as well use them, right?” Good point.

So…we hunt down addresses via email and Facebook and expanded the list. Mind you, this is the piecemealed list left over from our wedding reception invitation list, which is six years old. But it still works, just a bit messy. It is on my “to do” list to organize it each year after the holidays, but it just never happens.

“Hey, where are the envelopes?” I asked Chris when I opened the box. Apparently that is why they must have been so cheap. We trek to Staples and buy envelopes. Get them home…too big. Chris orders the correct size online and vows to return the others. New box arrives with the correct size envelopes. Crisis averted.

In finally sit down to work on the list. I’m on a roll, burning through the list. Mackenzie sits down to assist, and she notes that our list is a lot longer than the cards we have. “No way,” I thought. “I mean, we ordered 100!”

Chris confirms that we ordered 100. No, wait…he checks the email confirming the order. “Sorry, I ordered 50, thought it was 100.”

Hmmm….looking at the list, clearly we had to have more cards. It was too late to order more of the exact card. Quickly Mackenzie and I created the “picture/no picture” list. I was going to buy more cards, just without our photo.

Then I figured out that I could order some photo cards from Walgreens from the comfort of my home and pick them up at the local store the same day! Wow, that’s cool. Yet another crisis in our Christmas card saga averted.

As I am sitting in my car at soccer practice (yes, they were freezing!), I get a call from another soccer mom. I mention that I am doing my Christmas cards while the girls practice, and she says, “Nope, I don’t do Christmas cards. Just don’t have the time.”

Wait, I don’t have the time either. I mean, I work a full-time job, have three busy teenagers, manage my daughter’s soccer team, and try to run a house without a maid or a cook (wait, actually, that would be me). Why did I go through all of this?! My friend is right: I have no time for this!

Because I love Christmas cards. Actually, it just might be my favorite part of Christmas. I love putting together the list of people who get our card (over 80 this year) and signing each one (it was a big deal to allow Mackenzie to help me this year!), but more than anything, I love receiving cards.

Please, send me what you might think is your too-long Christmas letter. I love to hear it all! Cruise with the family? Son’s graduation? Summer camps? Tell me about it.

And the photos? Opt for a family photo over a card any day. Or if you prefer, yes, please drop in the kids’ latest school photos. Those are great too!

I estimated to Chris yesterday that I think our ratio of sent to received cards was about 2:1. That’s not why I send to receive…but maybe? I just want to hear about your life, see your photos, catch up with your comings and goings.

So…if you don’t send any other cards next year, please send me one! And through whatever Christmas card crisis I face, I will send you a card as long as I have your address.


  1. SO many years I have thought about NOT sending cards, but just can't do it yet....old aunts and uncles and people we care about and never see anymore....even the LENGTHY letters we get from some, that take a cup of hot chocolate and a piece of fudge to get through...yes, cards are a very special part of it when you can and don't sweat the years you miss...advice from an OLD lady....LOVED the picture of the kids and yes, Chewy has been wronged!....Love to all....Kath

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