Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three months

Yes, it has been almost three months since my last post. This fall, I've been somewhere inbetween busy, hiding and being overwhelmed by life in general.

I have been hiding from cancer and talking about anything too real. Hmmm...these two things can be intertwined or separated, you take your pick. Either way, it is not healthy for me. I'm working on it....

Overwhelmed by Ferris Bueller says, and I have quoted before on this blog, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't watch out, you could miss it." I've been in the "pretty fast" part of it lately, watching Mackenzie and Christian's senior year fly by. Kinda sad for me, but I'm enjoying it too, and I'm excited for them.

Mackenzie has been accepted to all three schools she has applied to and offered significant scholarships to two of them. All of them are out of state...she is ready to go, and I'm so proud she is confident enough in herself to go. I'm just proud of her period.

Morgan is a shining star - in my life, in our house, on the soccer field, in the classroom, when she smiles. Really, pretty much all the time.

The cancer update, you ask? No real update. Other than my endocrinologist said in October that he's pretty certain something is "going on" in there, but we have to wait until it is big enough to show up on a test. Or just wait until we have some test, any test, that shows something to correlate the inconsistently abnormal blood work. So we wait...or, rather, I wait.

Or I don't wait, I keep pushing on with my life. But some days, I am consumed with the thyroid cancer - is it back? When will it come back? Will it be worse this time? Or just like the last time?

Hey, but other days, I don't think about it for all...for maybe days in a row.

One thing I feel fairly confident about: I am most certainly a crazy person.

That is all. I'm alive, people. Just trying to take it one day at a time.

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