Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reluctant, Incomplete Update

I kept waiting for complete results to post the "final" results here on the blog. However, I still don't have it all, but here we go....

Good news: scans are clear! Hooray!

Maybe bad, certainly incomplete news: I finally got my thyroglobulin (TG) blood test back, and it is 5.8. Optimal is 2.0 or less. My last one was 0.6 about a year ago.

According to my endocrinologist, the blood test is the best indication of a possible recurrence issue going on. This same thing happened two years ago when my scan was clear and blood level elevated. Eventually my TG came down, and that was good because that is what counts, the TG level over time. Summary: one elevated TG result does not indicate a recurrence.

The other thing that still needs to be done is an ultrasound, which is scheduled in about two weeks. If they find anything questionable during that, then we move forward with a recurrence discussion of what to do. If not, we keep monitoring/taking TG levels and hope that it goes down.

Those are the facts as I understand them. Here are my feelings: My TG has not been this high in almost three years. My gut tells me I have a recurrence. Is it my gut or am I being pessimistic? Or realistic? I'm not pessimistic by nature. But I have learned with this thyroid cancer business to prepare for the worst then be pleasantly surprised if it is something otherwise.

I'm terrified on one hand, trying to stay calm on the other. It is easy for others to say, "Well, until you have all of the information, don't worry." Sure, I'll get right on that. True, the truth is we don't have all of the information. The ultrasound hasn't happened, the TG could go down.

I'm going to work on my anxiety. I really am. Staying busy with work and soccer and Morgan's upcoming birthday....these things will help until I have my ultrasound and we know more.

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  1. I've watched both you and Kari Todd talk about your recurrence fears this weekend. Stephanie and I are praying and hoping for good news for both of you and peace in the mean time. Don't worry about the pessimism. It helps prepare us for bad news and brings such joy in good news. It's not a bad thing.