Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Third time is a charm? Third time stinks.

So....unfortunately it seems my gut (and the thyroglobulin blood test) was right. Ultrasound showed two "metastatic" lymph nodes. Same right side of the neck where I had four cancerous lymph nodes in 2008. Radiologist said we could biopsy them but he showed me...."here is what a normal lymph node looks like. But here is what this one...and this one look like. Not normal....with metastatic characteristics."

Third time is a charm? Third time stinks. First diagnosed in 2008, recurrence in 2009, and now a recurrence in 2012. About 30% of thyroid cancer survivor struggle with recurrence, and I am in that 30%.

What's next? A procedural biopsy next week. Surgery next month.

Those are the facts. I'm still sorting through the emotions of it all so more on that later. Thanks for your prayers and positive thoughts.


  1. Charlcie, I am so sad to hear this! It seemed like you had a streak going for a little while...I was thinking no news would be good news.

    My surgeon was hesitant to do the third surgery so quickly on the tail of the other two. My surgeries were '06 and '09, three tumors growing immediately after second surgery. We have left them for three years and they haven't grown...I just get a sonogram every six months and increased my Levoxyl to suppress TSH. It's buying me time, anyway.

    May you have peace through this all, support from loved ones and wise doctors. Praying!

  2. Oh goodness, you certainly deserve a break! I hate this for you :(

  3. MommaMindy and Kaymee, thanks for your support!

    MommaMindy, I have two lymph nodes the radiologist has been watching since my second surgery similar to you. On this ultrasound, one had changed drastically plus there was a lymph node that had not been worrisome at all that had completed changed/has the metastatic characteristics.

    I'm sorting through it all, working hard to keep my head on straight and be strong! Thanks for your comments and support!

  4. Be strong. You will win, even if just by trying. You are in my thoughts.

  5. My thoughts are always with you Charlcie. Stay strong. You're an inspiration to those around you.

  6. Charlcie, all of us here at PN in Phoenix send positive thoughts your way. You are a fighter, so go for it!

  7. Charlcie,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish there was more I could do.


  8. Charlcie, I read this on Facebook. I am so sorry about the recent findings. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. If Morgan needs rides to school or soccer or home, please let me know. I am happy to help out. You seem like such a strong and vibrant woman. I know these attributes will help you deal with the recent diagnosis and continue your path to recovery.

  9. ACK. I am just catching up on this. Came via your FB page from your post about your daughter's Greek award - fingers crossed for her, and for you too, sweet lady.