Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Dr. Pun: No Thyroid Cancer in 2010!

Last week I made my way back to Dr. Pun's, my endocrinologist, for my somewhat quarterly blood draw (checking thyroid levels in general) and to talk about recurrence monitoring. I told him what I had decided on New Year's Eve, that I was going to speak positively and not have thyroid cancer again in 2010. I had it in 2008 and 2009....I WON'T be dealing with it in 2010.

He liked this plan needless to say! And then told me a really bad joke, thus, the name I have given him, Dr. Pun. :)

The other topic of discussion: it's almost time again for shots and scans. Two days of shots, one day to take the low dose of radioactivity, one day for the scan and the last day, blood work: a full week of fun! The last time I did this "week of fun" was April 2009, and everything came back relatively clean. It was the first time since all of this cancer business had started that I had any cancer test, scan, etc. come back with any sort of good news.

My "fun week" isn't scheduled yet, but it will be sometime in the next six weeks. The more I speak positive, the more I believe the tests will continue to be clean.

Bring it on, thyroid cancer! I am most definitely ready this time.


  1. A friend of mine is going through the same thing. I'm confident that you will both come through 2010 and every year therafter cancer free

  2. Thanks, Susan, for your vote of support! Does your friend have thyroid cancer as well? Really, with any type of cancer, the possibility of recurrence is a tough thing to deal with. I'm glad he/she has a supportive friend such as yourself!

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