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Calm before the more ways than one

I've been somewhat pleased with January 2010...cruising along, doing my own thing, staying on pace with life in general. Keeping things fairly in order. Haven't quite tackled all of those resolutions with the vim and vigor I had planned but have had good intentions and made headway in general.

But I feel it coming...I have several things creeping up. First on the docket, my round of thyroid cancer follow-up shots and scans the week of February 8th. I'm not freaking out about it like I used to, especially since I'm keeping with my New Year's resolution of no more thyroid cancer in 2010. But it's a process - physically, emotionally, logistically. It's a pain in my routine. But you know, if that's all I've got to contend with in regards to thyroid cancer, I'll take it.

So here's the schedule:

  • Feb. 8 - thyrogen shot (preps me for the scan)
  • Feb. 9 - thyrogen shot
  • Feb. 10 - small dose of radioactive material given (no glowing green will occur...I think!)
  • Feb. 11 - whole body scan
  • Feb.12 - blood work

What is the other "storm" that is approaching? Spring...every parent with a school-age child knows what spring normally brings: crazy schedules. Soccer, dance, field trips to Hershey Park, awards ceremonies, choosing classes for the next year (middle/hs students), school projects that should have been worked on all year that are done in a weekend, and standardized tests just to name a few.

With Mackenzie about to choose her classes for her senior year of high school and making college visits lately, I'm a little melancholy about spring. Yes, it's a storm and it's crazy and drives us parents nuts....but we wouldn't have it any other way, right? I love that my kids are active and engaged in life and in school, and that I am along for the ride.

I don't have many of these chaotic springs left with the kids thanks to them growing up. Who said they could grow up anyway? I'm going to enjoy every minute...oh, and also complain, but you can ignore that part or better yet, remind me what I said here about "enjoying every minute".


  1. I hear ya. We went to the parent meeting for incoming freshman at Seth's school last week... took Eli for his 5 year old checkup and the nurse actually suggested that I have them fill out the school forms he'll need when we register him for kindergarten this spring! Sister Mercy, time's flyin'!

  2. Hey Charlcie,
    Enjoy every minute will ya! I am standing next to you chanting "no more thyroid cancer in 2010"!!! Fingers crossed all scans come back with no cancer.

  3. Thank you so much for leaving such an encouraging comment. As you know, support is so important! I'll be having my scan the week after you, so will be praying for you as you walk the path ahead of me.

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  5. Hey Charlcie,
    First, I wish you luck on your scans; I just had my first follow-up in about a year yesterday, and it went well enough, just waiting for blood work, so I'm sitting in a similar waiting boat right now.

    Also, as being a formerly super active kid, I can tell you the storm of spring doesn't necessarily end w/ high school. Being 26, I don't think my parents expected they would still be going through the spring chaos on a regular basis, whether its short stints home over spring break, dealing w/ me over the phone when I stress about exams, projects or papers, graduations, or prepping for me to go globetrotting for another summer. The spring storm sticks around for a while more.

  6. Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you as you prep for your next scan.

    Best of luck for a clean scan!!!


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