Friday, May 18, 2012

Pathology Report

Nothing much to see here...two of six lymph nodes positive for papillary carcinoma. Basically the two lymph nodes shot with dye got top billing.

My first reaction: Dang, took those extra ones.

Upon further review: Glad he took those extra ones as lymph nodes on the right side of my neck don't have a great track record. To date between two surgeries, six of 20 lymph nodes have been positive (there's that term again...) for cancer. Maybe those four extra he took would grow cancer cells in the coming years and he saved me another surgery? Who knows...glad he took them all as a preventative measure.

I overdid it yesterday. Not as many naps and too much activity. I'm down for the count today. My mom says she is not taking me anywhere today and, in fact, I will have to walk if I have big plans. No big plans are made. I will not be walking the streets in my PJs, no worries.

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  1. Just catching up with your blog and I have mixed emotions. Sad you had to have a third surgery and that you have much pain. But, I'm relieved you have good support, are healing and they got the cancer out.

    Be well, my friend. Don't feel guilty for sleeping, resting, saying NO to things. Boundaries are good. We all want you well!