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Round three begins: "I'm not sick, I'm not well."

My third thyroid cancer surgery was Friday, May 11, 2012. Before going to surgery, I paid a visit (along with my entourage, as they called themselves, of my husband, mother, and Aunt Freddie) to the radiologist so he could inject the two known cancerous lymph nodes with blue dye. This was done and then circled with a blue sharpie on the outside of my neck for good measure (and lots curious looks).

After a one hour delay, surgery was underway. Surgeon said he was easily able to identify the offending lymph nodes and take them. Said he also took some others for good measure and/or he didn't like the way they looked. Said he could see my jaw from where he was in my neck. Super. Of note, he did have to make a new incision on my neck. This one starts on the right side of my neck about midline down from my chin and goes from there to close to my ear. A lovely addition to my growing collection of battle scars from thyroid cancer.

In the hospital post-op, I was hungry but couldn't eat much. My jaw and ear were so sore (little did I know it would get worse), and I had a big lump when I swallow. We all know what staying overnight in the hospital get woke up every 1-2 hours for a variety of seemingly unimportant reasons like blood pressure readings, IV adjustments, etc. Bleh. Plus, it's hard to sleep when your neck is pounding. Voice is scratchy too.

Saturday afternoon, I was able to come home. Again, painful but ready to be home. I overdid it...stayed up for five straight hours. No bueno.

Sunday was the worst day yet, which also happened to be Mother's Day. Pain was off the chart even with the pain meds. Neck was swollen, I was hungry but didn't want to eat and voice is shot. And I had approximately 1,000 people in my house for Mother's Day. I hid in my room, and all found that to be fine. Good thing!

I have got to take this recovery slowly. The biggest different I discovered, after a chat with my surgeon today, is that he was digging around up by my ear for lymph nodes, which has left me with an ear-ache/infection like pain. Jaw and ear pain is new for this thyroid cancer girl, and I wasn't looking for any sort of new experiences. Surprise! I always have a twist to these thyca surgeries these days...why would this one be different?

So for next few days, I am determined to be like a baby...eating and sleeping. I cannot do much else. Oh, and I take pain meds too, and the surgeon had me add in ibuprofen, which controls it better now.

How does the song go...."I'm not sick, but I'm not well." Yes, I guess that's me. Certainly not "sick" like flu or bronchitis sick, but I am so not well. This lymph node/ear/jaw pain is crazy and exhausting. And I've got to be patient. And I'm not good at being patient. Bless my husband, mom, aunt, and little one's heart as they deal with me.

Next up? Pathology report should come on Wednesday. Will report on that when I know more.

Thanks for your support and prayers as always....


  1. Thoughts and prayers coming your way, Charlcie! I am so sorry to hear that you have to go to battle again. You are a strong woman - remember that. Hoping for a speedy recovery, Jason

  2. Hang in there, hon, and just rest. I hope the pain eases soon.

  3. Like you said, you need to take it slow and rest, sleep and take your pain medication. Knowing you are super active, it's difficult to manage. But, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. We are praying for you and waiting along for the pathology results... everything will be fine and before you know it, this shall pass♥

  4. Be kind to yourself in these days, Charlcie. Go ahead and be a napping baby. And whine if you want to! Rest up; the world will wait. And we will too. Will say prayers for good path reports...

  5. Please know I think of you & pray for you everyday. I am so sorry to hear of the pain you are in, I can only imagine how uncomfortable that must be. I finally realized why your surgery last Friday was on my mind so much ~ it hit me about 12:30pm, it was 6 years ago on that day that I received that life changing news. I've been trying to put "My Cancer Adventure" on paper, I'm still struggling it, but will keep at it. Please rest my friend! Sending prayers for a speedy recovery for you. Love you!

  6. You are amazing! Praying that you're able to get some good rest and relief from the pain soon. xxoo, Kelly (your favorite little black sheep)

  7. Aw, Charlcie! Wish you just didn't have to hurt so much. Talked to your Mom, Kenz, and Morgan and know they are doing there best for you. Kenz must have sore knees. Hope Morgan's concussion is better and that your Mom is not exhausted. Charlcie, please, DO take this slower than you want to and give your sweet body a chance to do it's best....Prayers and lots of love....Kath


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