Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back from Richmond...2nd place all the way around

It's been a while, I know. Between work, keeping up with the kids, and being exhausted, I haven't blogged much. I'm going to try to get back in the swing of it as I really enjoy it!

Big weekend around here...and in Richmond. Morgan's soccer team was in a tournament there. We had a blast, and the girls got 2nd place. They had two wins on Saturday, a tie Sunday morning then lost the championship game. Lots of good passing, great goals, but just came up a little short. Morgan scored four goals this weekend, had a few assists and just overall played so well.

Energy wise, I'm still struggling but slugging through it as best I can. Like this weekend, Saturday was good, but i was able to get in a nap after the two games and before the team dinner. Today, I was wiped out PLUS got stung by a bee. That was so random, at the awards ceremony after the championship game. It's on my hand between my thumb and first finger on my right hand. It hurts but hey, not as bad as a five inch incision for thyroid cancer.

On the Kenzie front, lots of good news this weekend too. Her cheer team got 2nd place at their competition AND she got all As on her mid-term grades! Very good news...the bad news is she hyperextended her elbow on the last practice on Friday night before the competition. She just could not do her back handspring in the routine. So up and down for her this weekend, mainly up.

More about the latest on the thyroid replacement meds and the cancer soon. I'm so tired tonight...gonna get some sleep now.

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  1. I still feel bad that I told you not to hide behind me and to take the sting yourself and then 2 minutes later you got stung .. haha .. oh wait I'm in feeling bad mode not that was funny mode .. haha oh wait it WAS funny! but I DO feel bad about it .. Irony ..