Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm feeling pretty alone, emotional, weird about my current state of thyroid cancer or lack of it or lack of a functioning thyroid. It feels as if my endocrinologist has abandoned me. He doesn't explain things to me, just barks orders. I need to find a new one but don't have the time or energy or just drive to follow up on any one of the many wonderful recommendations I have received from doctors to friends who are local.

I placed my third call yesterday to Dr. Crantz's office yesterday asking (feels like begging) for a copy of my labs. I'd like to know what my TSH levels, etc. are. They have promised to fax twice (only after I pay $3 via credit card). Hasn't happened. Now I would be happy to just get these in the mail.

I'm unmotivated with so much to do. I'm overwhelmed. It sucks.

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