Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Update on the scan and other things

Well, the scan was rather uneventful on Monday for those of you wondering. They did the same scan that I did pre-radioactive treatment, and the folks at the hospital said that Dr. Crantz (or as Deb and I like to call him, "that doctor that I/you don't like") would interpret the results for me. But they did show Chris and I informally that really, all the scan was supposed to do was show that the treatment is working/still going on, and that is happening. So...I guess we did find that out, that it is working, the radioactive iodine is still eating the thyroid tissue that is left as well as the thyroid cancer cells left.

I'm more exhausted than ever, which is something I also have to address with "that doctor that I don't like." I have an appointment with him on Monday. I just hope that he doesn't tell me for the millionth time that "I'm lucky to have thyroid cancer" and "I won't die from it." Grrrr....

Fall is finally here in Northern Virginia, my favorite season. The weather is cool and the leaves are starting to turn. It's one of my favorite things about living here.

OK, off to work now....trying to stay awake and alert!

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  1. What is the scan like? Are you in a tube like people getting catscans? How long does it take?

    Don't you HATE it when people tell you it's "the best kind of cancer to get"? UGH!