Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Isolation, here I come…and some soccer news

More good news in the cancer department and believe me, that’s a new event for me, to have the words “cancer” and “good news” in the same sentence. My blood test results came back positive that I am ready for the radioactive iodine treatment. I needed a score of over 45, and mine was 65. Hit it out of the park! Very exciting.

Next bit of good news: my pre-treatment scan on Friday showed no evidence of cancer in my lungs or bones, the two most likely areas besides the lymph nodes that the cancer could have been found outside of the thyroid. Whew! Was planning on the worst and was pleasantly surprised by this good news.

The “big dose” and 72-hour isolation starts this morning. A quick trip to the 7-11 produced $20 worth of Hollywood magazine that I will burn through in one afternoon. What to do with the rest of the time? I’ve had others contribute magazines I’m collecting in a bag by the front door. I’m going to pick a book or two that I don’t care if I bring home. Plus, just hoping for some good movies on hospital cable.

Soccer this weekend was great. Morgan and her team played well in both games. She scored a goal in the 2-1 loss on Saturday and they won on Sunday 2-1. Their team passing and communication was really great and fun to watch. Sunday’s game was so hot, felt like 100 degrees with the humidity. Morgan felt horrible after the game, I think a bit of heat sickness and dehydration, but she recovered.

So I'm off....outta here for a few days. I'll let you know how it all went (the treatment, that is) when I get back to the computer again.

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