Monday, September 1, 2008

Storm soccer results, banana muffins, San Antonio, and school starts tomorrow

Here's the update on the second weekend of soccer with Morgan's new team, the Storm. First game on Saturday morning they lost 6-3 to a good team they were well-matched to. Good news...Morgan got her first goal! Between games, her coach said he felt like the "monkey was off of her back" to score with the Storm. She proved she could do it, which we all knew so it was more for her than anyone. So much so, she went out in the second game and scored two more! They won that game 7-4, which put them in second place.

Sunday morning they had to play the 1st place team from the other flight to get to the championship. We found out once the girls were on the field warming up that the Storm's Sunday AM opponent had beaten their opponents the previous day 10-0 and 10-0 AND were the #1 team in Virginia! It wasn't pretty but it was somewhat competitive (a loss). No championship game. However, Morgan's teammate did score a goal, which made their goalie fairly mad. Morgan also took a hard foul after handling a great chest bump ball. The girl basically took two hands to Morgan's back and slammed her to the ground. Of course, Morgan got up and went on but geez! Honestly, it's the norm now. The older she gets, the physical the sport gets for her. It's a good thing she is tough and has a high pain tolerance.

So this morning I've made myself banana muffins using a recipe from the cookbook. Really the only substitutes are egg whites for whole eggs and non-iodized salt for the iodized. They are good...again, too good as Chris and Morgan are eating them too.

Kenzie comes in today from San Antonio. She's been there for the long weekend seeing her dad before he ships off to the Middle East in a few weeks. They rented a house at Galveston (Texas Gulf Coast for you East Coast folks) and hoped the hurricane would not affect them, which it shouldn't.

And last but not starts tomorrow! Sophomore year in HS for Kenzie, last year of elementary school (6th) for Morgan. Hard to believe any of that....

OK, I'm exhausted (shocker!). A short rest/nap (could check in on the hurricane) before anything else.

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