Friday, September 5, 2008

The tired routine and Hurricane Hanna

It's back to the fall routine for all of us...sort of. At least for now for me. Everyone now is back at school and work. I lasted six hours the first day back. When I arrived home, I went straight to my room and slept for 1.5 hours. Yesterday, I stayed five hours at the office and then rested/laid down but did not sleep when I got home.

I'm just working as long as I can for now each day. I'm definitely tired from being off of my thyroid medication in preparation from my treatment a week from today but not in the "I can't function" kind of tired I thought I would be and had heard about. I hate to say/write that with my outside voice as I could feel that way at anytime in the process (later today, tomorrow, next week) and don't want to jinx it. I do "hit the wall" mid-afternoon most days. This is when I know I'm not my sharpest/most effective and really just need to rest/take a nap.

There's a lot of talk around here about Hurricane Hanna's arrival tomorrow. I don't think that the DC area will take a direct hit from this, but as it moves up the East Coast, we'll feel the effects. It could be nothing, it could be six inches of rain and strong winds. Basically it sounds like there is a good chance that tomorrow will be a wash out, which means soccer will too. They will just reschedule the game.

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