Saturday, November 1, 2008

High school: today and 20+ years ago

On the way down here to Hampton, VA, for Kenzie's meeting, it was fun to hear how much 80s music Kenzie had on her ipod. We listened to some Journey, Heart, and Run-DMC and more than even having them on the ipod, SHE KNEW THE WORDS! Lots of mother-daughter fun.

On a side note, I had to look for my favorite RUN-DMC song on YouTube and found it. I present to you my favorite "Tricky": . For those of you who don't know RUN-DMC, do you watch Run's House on MTV? Look how young the Rev. Run'll find him in the video.

I went to Jones High School in Jones, OK, a million years ago...OK, class of 1985. I can still hear the cheer:"We're the best, that's no lie, we're the class of 85!" I was a cheerleader all four years, and these things stick with you...but I digress. There were approximately 75 kids in my graduating class. It was such a small school compared to Kenzie's high school!

Last year, Jones HS burned to the ground during the ice storm of winter 2007. Gary was the first to send me the story via internet Oklahoma news...I think channel 9. It was sad how the students were going to makeshift classrooms mainly the Baptist church across the street from the high school (went to that church too!).

Today my friend from Oklahoma Carrie sent me a link: They are finally rebuilding Jones High School. .

Back to present day....Kenzie is a sophomore in high school, turning 16 next month. I can say that now that it is November 1st with her late December She is co-chair for a Wounded Veterans project for the Student Government Association at her school. Recently, she was featured in our local paper for this great project:

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