Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random thoughts...catching up

I've let a week lapse again without blogging...and I really enjoy it! An update on what's been going on around here:
  • Last weekend we went to West Virginia for a church youth retreat. We went last year as sponsors, now again this fall, and really enjoyed it. I'm glad we went again. This time, we were able to take Morgan since Jennifer, the Youth Pastor, deemed her a "mini-youth" (she'll graduate to the youth group next summer). She liked the title and was thrilled to go.
  • Chris put shutters on our bedroom windows to put one of the finishing touches on the remodel of our room, and it really looks great! The shutters really make the whole room. He has a few cabinet details to do, but the project is probably 90% done and looks wonderful.
  • Chris and Morgan are getting ready for basketball season to start. Practice starts soon, and games the first weekend of December.
  • Kenzie is busy as ever, finishing up the Wounded Veterans' Project for SGA and starting to work on her Adopt a Troops project for the Legion Post. She is also starting to train for a new job AND just had tryouts for the winter JV cheer squad and will be doing that again.
  • Me, I'm feeling a little better everyday. I think the increased dose of Levoxyl is helping...not 100% but better. My neck has been sore lately around my incision and on the sides of my neck, but I'm hoping that is just the healing continuing. I'm also in Austin, TX, this week for work then spending a few days with my Mema before heading back to DC on Saturday night.
Whew! That's alot...but that's our life, and I love it. There are ups and downs...and a few more downs this year from Christian moving back to Indiana to my cancer to the economy, but through it all, our family has each other, and that's what is important.

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