Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving and Dirty Dancing

How was your Thanksgiving? Do leave a comment and tell me how yours was...yes, this is my sad attempt to see who is really reading my blog! You lurkers, jump in and leave a comment.

Our Thanksgiving was great...we spent it at my in-laws home along with almost 20 other folks. It was great food and great company! A fun twist: we had a talent show. At first, most complained, including my husband. However, once it got going, it was awesome! From Morgan's clarinet solo to Kenzie's piano playing to Kevin's "running man" a la Bobby Brown 80's music, it was lots of fun.

The next day, I decided we would do something spontaneous and go on an overnight trip. We went to The Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA. I had found a deal on the Virginia Tourism Newsletter for a great room price that included breakfast. I called on Friday AM, and they had availability so we were on our way by 12:30 PM.

Little did we know that it takes almost four hours to get there, but it was worth it. Did you see Dirty Dancing? The Homestead reminded me SO much of the resort in Dirty Dancing....dancing classes, craft classes, helpful/smiling staff. The lobby is amazing....huge vaulted ceilings with about a 30 foot Christmas tree.

We did learn that we should go for more than one night (next trip...) as there is so much to do. Plus, you have to make reservations before you go for most everything. However, we did get to go to the top of the mountain where they have skiing, ate at Sam Snead's Tavern, and went bowling. Overall, it was a fun time had by all!

Then we came home and promptly all became sick...why does that happen? Grrr....just the achy, cold kind of sick, it seems.

Then there was the business of a certain football game last night, OU vs. OSU. Ah, we OSU fans are the eternal optimists, aren't we? Or there is the "when will we learn?" route you could go down. You have to remember, I attended OSU during the era of 13 straight losses to OU. I can't hardly fathom beating them! Then, the year we have a chance...can't win for losing. Oh well, there's always basketball...

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