Thursday, February 26, 2009

Looking to break the streak

On Monday, March 2nd, I’m looking to get out of my groove, hoping to NOT go 4 for 4. Remember my 3 for 3 post from December 2008? Three ultrasounds since July 2008, all three showed something suspicious that turned up as cancer. Fourth ultrasound is Monday. I know spring training has started (Gary, we all know you are rooting for the Dodgers…), but this is one streak I’d like to break!

Every time I drive by the Fairfax Radiology office on Route 50 and Prosperity Drive, I cringe. We drive by there each Monday to take Mackenzie to her choral society practice. This is where those first three ultrasounds have been conducted as well as the two biopsies that confirmed the cancer. Hate the place yet glad for the technology there as well as the radiologist and pathologist who have been great and have found it each time.

For me, it’s a place of much anxiety and tears.

I’m also having a chest x-ray Monday. Thyroid cancer can spread to the chest so an x-ray is in order to check this out. The "the doctor that I don't like" never ordered one…shocker! New doctor ordered one, and I’m glad.

I’ve had a quiet, focused six weeks recovering from surgery and starting the new job. Both went well. Hopefully the scans and testing I’m about to begin will go just as well.

Let’s break the streak!

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