Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What does World Cancer Day mean to you?

World Cancer Day is today, February 4th. What does it mean to you?

Last year, I worked for a childhood cancer organization, and it was about increasing awareness for an amazing group of cancer patients and survivors. This year, it is more reflective for me as my journey with thyroid cancer began with my diagnosis in July 2008. It’s been a challenging and revealing time, learning about cancer and myself.

I’m reminded of those who continue the battle against cancer, those who are having chemo or radiation treatments even today. There are those who are having surgery to remove their cancer today. And even those who are walking into the doctor’s office today and hearing for the first time those words “you have cancer.”

My aunt is a two-time breast cancer survivor and has helped me on my own journey with cancer. She is an amazing woman, raising her grandson and working on her retirement home. I think of her and the other wonderful survivors that I know who are not feeling sorry for themselves but are moving forward, living life!

I am also reminded of those we have lost to cancer, young and old. One lost to cancer is one too many.

Even though it is late in the day, please add to Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or whatever social media that you use that today is World Cancer Day and let others remember those with cancer and also consider what they can do. Whether it is call a friend who is struggling with their diagnosis or organizing a fundraising event, we can all do something.

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  1. Hey great blog today! I had no idea today was World Cancer Day.

    Hope you're doing well, we sure miss you at your old job!