Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Seen on the Metro

Since I started my new job in late January, I've been taking the Metro Orange line to work. I like it, better than sitting on the DC Beltway try to get to/from Bethesda or Alexandria (locations of former jobs). Plus, it seems to always be entertaining, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

What I've seen on the Metro lately...

  • A woman faint at my feet

  • People help this woman like I've never seen before in DC...gave up their seat, gave her space, water, someone fanned her & accompanied her off the Metro at her stop.

  • A man who looked EXACTLY like Albert Einstein

  • A woman with the most ridiculous white winter fur hat that I've ever seen

What or who have you see on the Metro lately? If you don't live in DC, tell me something crazy you have seen in general lately. Let's smile at something silly, you know?

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