Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The big reveal and catching up....

Wow, has it been almost a week since I blogged? It's been a busy, hectic six days, but I'm makin' it...some days barely, but making it.

Let's see...oh, my post-op appointment on Friday. The "big reveal" went well. Dr. Sanders ripped (or at least it felt like he ripped....) my bandage off then he, his PA, and my mom gathered in a semi-circle about a foot from my neck and said things like, "wow, it looks good" and "it's healing nicely." I have to agree, it looks better than it did last summer...or does it?

I think the shock factor was gone this time around. I am now used to looking in the mirror and seeing the five-inch incision/scar so really, it just looked the same, just more pink and swollen. I have the semi-frequent stabbing pains throughout the day and night telling me that my nerves are slowly but surely coming back. Dr. Sanders says this is good. My neck is generally just sore, tender, and tingly, um, let's say all day every day, BUT I am alive. And cancer free. Again.

My energy is definitely lagging behind, which I'm a little disappointed about. Wait a minute, I just had surgery on my neck 13 days ago to remove cancerous lymph's OK that I'm tired, right? I'm fairly sure that starting a new job on Monday has contributed to my fatigue as well. I can make it through the day then....I'm done, kaput, over and out.

That new job is going great, by the way. Love the new job, new supervisor, new organization. And....I have an office with (ta da!) a window overlooking 18th Street NW in DC! I'm still thinking I made the right decision to take this job. I listened to my gut, that it was going to be OK to switch jobs while dealing with this recurrence, and I seemed to have made a good choice.

I know it is winter and January but really, the ice has got to go. The snow, it's pretty and then melts. However, the ice? I felt like a mountain explorer in my snow boots this morning climbing down our steep front yard while avoiding our driveway that was a solid sheet of ice. It's almost making me laugh out loud now, that mental picture in my head of me scaling the front yard this morning, trying to get to work. Kids were out of school today and on a two-hour delay tomorrow.


  1. Get Kevin to go have lunch with you--he's at 19th and H. He needs a break. glad all is going well!

  2. so, what is the big dome across the street from you?


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  4. Hi Charlcie! You are amazing!! I always thought you were and now that I get to "see inside your head" through your blog I know what I always guessed, is true. YOU ARE AMAZING!! I'm sorry you have to suffer though. I hope you'll be FEELING amazing before very long. Know that I think of you often and wish for you the very best!!

  5. Okay, that was lame! I just wanted to fix a typo and now it leaves a "comment deleted" notice on your blog. Sorry about that.