Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two days and counting

Two days until my surgery on Thursday. I'm looking forward to it (strange, I know...) just to get it over with. As I told my Mom yesterday, it is good to know what to expect this time and then also not good. Unfortunately, I know the drill now with this cancer business and surgery but didn't have a good hospital experience last time as we thought it would be one overnight and ended up being three nights in the hospital. I know, simpler procedure, smaller cancer, blah, blah, blah....but that's my last lingering memory.

A bit of good news: I was officially added as a contributor to the Stupid Cancer Blog. I am thrilled about this! Instead of being hovered over while blogging (has happened in the past), I get to do the exact opposite: be irreverent and creative while talking about cancer-related issues. Yes! Thanks to Matthew Zachary at the Stupid Cancer Blog for the opportunity.

Moving upward and onward to have a good Tuesday...you too, OK?


  1. Hi Charlcie! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I think we do share an attitude. Cancer sucks but we can continue to live well and appreciate life's joys and little ironies.

    Good luck with your surgery. I hope this experience is much better than your last and that all goes smoothly on the route to cancer extermination.

    And congrats on the Stupid Cancer Blog - those are the kinds of resources we need!

  2. Hey man I get the hovered over part...dang!

    Good luck & big love as always