Thursday, January 8, 2009

Something other than cancer....please!

I just realized that I have blogged five straight times about cancer. Bleh. Now, I understand that I have had a new turn of event lately with this thyroid cancer recurrence but I'm tired of it. Instead, I will share my funny dilemma.

I graduated from Oklahoma State University...Go Cowboys! To those of you outside of Oklahoma, we are the "other" university. Not the Sooners, not OU, not in Norman. Orange and black, state school one hour north of Oklahoma City in Stillwater is where you will find OSU. Yes, the school where T. Boone Pickens donated all that money.

OSU plays OU regularly in sports as both are in the same conference, the Big 12. OU is OSU's big rival, but the feeling is not really mutual. Texas is OU's rival, but that's another story.

Tonight is the BCS National Championship football game. Oklahoma plays Florida for the national championship. Who to root for? My dear friend Julie and cousin Holly are both graduates of OU. In fact, Julie is at the game, or at least preparing to be there, as we speak! Then there is the fact that we actually lived in the land of Big Red for two years, and my parents still live there. It was lonely being a Cowboy fan in Norman.

But remember two paragraphs ago that OU and OSU are rivals?

Not sure that I can bring myself to root for the Sooners. I do feel bad they have lost four straight BCS bowl games (or do I?). There's the whole conference pride thing...I rooted for Texas against Ohio State, right? But.....root for the Sooners. I won't root against them but.....

I think I'll chicken out and say, "I just hope it's a great game!"

Julie and Holly, that Sooner Schooner photo above is for you!


  1. Truth is, they already decided the National Champion in my book - Utah.

    I need to find a sport somewhere, where it's not all about the money...Go Utes!

  2. This is a little too good a game--i am stressing out here! at least you are not a hateful cowboy fan like Kenzie.