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Christmas cards, life moving fast, and ultrasounds

I started working on Christmas cards last night...finally found some that I like at Rite-Aid of all places. I really enjoy going through the address book, being reminded of literally all friends and family.

We are getting to a place where we have more "our" friends now. We still have "your" friends and "my" friends from our separate lives prior to four+ years ago, which is absolutely fine, but it is great that we have more and more of "our" friends.

We talked last night about how much things have changed in a year from kids getting older to Christian going back to Indiana to Morgan changing soccer teams to my cancer diagnosis to the presidential election and more. All of these are/were big in our world. What's that Ferris Bueller quote about life moving fast? That seems to be us...

Tomorrow morning is my thyroid/neck ultrasound. I'm a little anxious but ready to do it. The location, on Arlington Blvd. (this radiology group has offices all over N. Virginia, and I feel like I've been to all of them...), brings back not-so-good memories. It is the location where I found out that there were some "concerns" in my neck that turned out to be positive (cancerous) lymph nodes, two of which were huge - the size of small plums! That day, it was too much, and I just had a little melt down. Luckily, my mother-in-law was with me, and I went back to her house and finished my meltdown and then slept.

You know what? It's OK to have those are allowed, especially when you have cancer. It's not fun dealing with cancer, no matter what kind of cancer you have. I've allowed myself that now...

I'm going to go get in the shower now and try to get on with my day without thinking about that ultrasound tomorrow...or maybe I will think about it in a good way. Maybe it brings good news and not news of more cancer.


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