Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post-Christmas, Pre-16-year-old birthdays

I hope everyone had a great holiday week! We had quite a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, enjoying it all. In follow up to my Christmas Eve post, I have to share about the National Cathedral service. It was really moving, really wonderful. It was grand and elegant yet warm and comfortable all at the same time. It was a great moment of reflection. I am grateful to my MIL who secured the tickets months in advance for us all!

Last night we celebrated the two almost 16-year-olds' birthdays by taking the family plus a few friends to the local Japanese steakhouse. We had a great chef in both food and entertainment not to mention the great company.

I promised in a previous post to explain the two 16-year-old kids who are not twins....I brought Kenzie (and 11-year-old Morgan) to the marriage, and her birthday is December 28th. Chris brought Christian, and his birthday is January 1st. It was quite funny when we realized this while dating, that we both had a child of the same age, only four days apart!

I put Kenzie and Morgan on a plane to see their paternal grandparents this morning. They will be gone until December 2nd. Christian leaves later today to return to Indiana. Often prior to them leaving, we talk about how it will be a nice break while all of the kids are gone not to run people here and there when really, we just miss them when they are gone. :)

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  1. Sakura is the best Birthday restaurant ever! Can you believe you have a 16 year old? How does the time fly???