Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Stupid Cancer Blog and Out the Door with 2008

There has been a nice diversion from thinking about my biopsy scheduled on Monday. I was in contact with Matthew Zachary from the amazing website I'm Too Young For This and The Stupid Cancer Blog earlier this week. His website and blog are amazingly wonderful, irreverent vehicles for the young adult cancer fighters and survivors. I love the whole concept….you don’t have to tip toe around cancer. Meet it square on and kick it in the butt!

~~WARNING: Shameless self-promotion ahead~~

Anyway, Matthew and I emailed about me contributing a blog post, and I am thrilled to say that it was posted to The Stupid Cancer blog yesterday. Here’s the link:

I really love the whole blogging and social media arena and am thrilled to have mixed that together with the cancer world. Cancer is like a fraternity/sorority except you really don’t really want to belong to it. However, once you do, it’s a whole new community ready to embrace you and your cancer battles.

So it is out the door with 2008, and to it I say…good riddance! It started out great with my 10th/40th birthday (I am a leap year baby…). It had its ups and down, including the thyroid cancer diagnosis in July, but overall, hey, I’m ready for a new start, a new day, a new year.

To those of you who have followed my blog, my cancer journey, our family, and frankly even those I who I have no idea who you are, I say best wishes for 2009! Let’s move forward, get on with life and doing what we REALLY want to do.

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