Monday, December 22, 2008

The Weekend Before Christmas

What a great weekend we had! Christian finally landed on Friday night after four delays and about eight hours in the Indianapolis airport. We are glad that he is here....great to see him! He's here until the 27th.

On Saturday we went to Chris/Morgan's basketball game, which was their first win of the season. After a quick Chinese buffet lunch, we then realized that we had to evaluate ski gear for five people. After checking our own ski box, begging, borrowing, and a trip to the local sporting goods store, we figured out snow pants, coats, gloves, etc. for five people without breaking the bank four days before Christmas. This was good!

The next issue was who was going, who was not. Between our two vehicles, we have 12 seats, and both of us planned to drive. As a result, we let the kids invite friends. Morgan invited one friend then the rest were Christian and Kenzie's friends. They were all great kids, and we had an amazing time! Liberty was good...not crowded at all, and I was surprised by this. It was really only about 1.5 hours from here in Pennsylvania.

Back to reality today...the girls have school today and tomorrow. There's AGAIN a stack of boxes at the front door to wrap. Post-skiing returns to friends we borrowed gear from. But looking forward to a good week, including hoping to get that biopsy scheduled.

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